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Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon Glow Trail at Wyre Forest

Lu-La needs your help to charge her communicator so she can call home for rescue. Hurry, she's being chased by the sinister Agent Red and her hapless helpers the Hazmats!

When we were asked to review the new interactive Shaun the Sheep Trail at the Wyre Forest by Raring to Go! Kidderminster, we jumped at the chance!

We had previously explored both The Zog and Gruffalo Trails at The Wyre Forest, so we knew it would be fun. Plus, the lure of the Minster pies and mash at the cafe was too much to resist!

This trail is aimed at families with children aged 5-13. We visited on a Sunday, a chilly one at that, but the sun was out at least. We were all set with our Shaun the Sheep Farmageddon Glow Trail Pack, containing the esssential UV pen, activity book (Indi loved the secret ink she could use with her UV pen in this book), stickers, Shaun ears and more!

Collect a Glow Trail Pack from the Information Point for just £3.50.

Make sure you download the free app before you arrive, as mobile signal can be patchy in the forest. The idea of the trail is to use the app to complete challenges and solve UV puzzles.

Completing challenges and puzzles will charge Lu-La's communicator, unlocking an augmented reality photo moment with Shaun and Lu-La as they appear in the forest in front of your eyes!

India loved being on the look out for the next clue, and the whole family enjoyed the various challenges we were given to compete, such as making funky robot moves and running on the spot, pretending to run from the Hazmats!

One of our favourite parts of the trail was using our UV pen to reveal secret hidden puzzles and solve them in the app to help charge Lu-La's communicator and get her home:

This trail is wonderfully interactive and although my daughter at 4, is younger than the recommended age, we all had a blast in the forest. We also took our 1 year old son, who did get a little tired of walking towards the end, so a pushchair or carrier for younger ones is necessary if you do take younger siblings.

Remember you need to pay for parking, unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby this beautiful forest. There are machines that take card payments.

Happy exploring!

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